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  1. The area to be shimmed must be clean and free of debris.
  2. Do a soft check and make the needed correction on each foot on both all pieces of equipment to be aligned.
  3. Determine if any offset must be used to allow for differences in thermal expansion in the equipment to be aligned under operating conditions.
  4. Correct any pipe strain and shaft run out problems before you begin the alignment procedure.
  5. Use a straight edge to get the equipment fairly close before going to dial indicators.
  6. Use a little oil on the shims.
  7. Check for indicator sag before mounting the hardware.
  8. When using dial indicators use reverse indicator method whenever possible to improve accuracy.
  9. Where rim to ace must be used check to see that you have a good indicator track.
  10. Mount the indicators with about _ travel available in either direction.
  11. Check dial indicator readings using this formula. When the indicator is at zero on the top the two side readings added together should always equal the bottom. If they don't check your hardware for problems and correct them.
  12. If you are not using ALOMA shims use a micrometer to determine the actual thickness. Check for flatness and discard any shims that are not flat or have burrs.
  13. Use the minimum number of shims per pack.
  14. Install the shim pack with the thin shims in the middle and the heavier shims top and bottom.
  15. Re-check the vertical readings after completing the horizontal move to be sure they haven't changed.
  16. If you are not using a Rom-A-Lign make a job sheet showing the equipment aligned, what was done, the date and who did it.
  17. These records will prove valuable when doing the same equipment at a later date.
  18. Contact the ALOMA technical team with any questions or problems you encounter.